VYBES is founded by Thor Uiterwaal and Johan Buijs.  Combined, 40+ years of experience in Real Estate and succesfull co-working solutions. Jobs at NSI, Wereldhave, Spaces, Regus and KLM has given inspiration and knowledge for an ideal basis for VYBES.

VYBES is a result of our passion and experience for the new developments, opportunities and possibilities within the real estate business: a rapidly changing market from traditional property and assetmanagement into hospitality and client focus. The World of Work is evolving.

Our philosophy is to think and act from a client perspective for an optimal solution. We believe that, when designed and managed with the grains of human nature, work brings out the best in people and their organizations. The combination of current technology and new forms of communities enable a higher and more attractive result. The coworking movement is a highly important part of this process. Coworking is a business that works because it is organic and not overly about 'business.' It accomplishes higher results and joy of life.