More energy, more tenants

We activate your building

Our vision is to help building owners/asset managers turn their buildings social & vibrant, by combining daily operation of the property with membership management, reservation, booking and coworking software. The combined platform is a coworking solution that can be rolled out anywhere under your own brand or under the brand of VYBES. We deliver fullservice. 

To enhance the desirability of your buildings and to make them a destination for tomorrow's workforce.

Vybes creates the inspiring feeling in your property

People should feel comfortable and welcome. One should get immediately inspired entering the building. We design & create the best atmosphere in your property such as the reception, common area, cafe, meeting rooms and offices. All with pleasure & higher results as targets.

Within this VYBES can assist in planning the floors within the building to create the best vibes, results and connecting people.

Your Real Estate service provider

Connecting you and your customers

The community is custom-made to best connect with the companies values and housestyle. Included in the community are planning of events, meeting rooms booking, direct messaging, instant search and others. It enables coworkers to learn, do and share something.

We create communities for individual buildings and companies, corporate organisations, studenthousing, care institutions, 50+ homes, professional organisations. Each with their own needs and targets.

Our services for individual buildings include: Integrated software platform built into site-specific website, hiring and training the community manager & responsibility for day to day management and take care of the daily operation of the building.